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Comic for: October 2nd, 2006
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Woody & Ted: "Meeting Salvatore II"
Posted: Monday October 2nd, 2006 by

Let me start by apologizing for the late comic. I freakin did it Thursday night along with Friday's comic, but I forgot to upload it in place because I suck.

That being said... I think this Las Vegas Roundtable was my favorite so far. But, I can't say exactly why. Maybe it because I laughed with the other press folks so much it made my head hurt. Maybe it was because Mr. Salvatore's son said he was a fan of GU. Maybe it was because of "Bob" himself. Or maybe it was because the Mythic staff always treat Taks and I like rock stars. I just don't know. So kudos to Juli for doing an excellent job with the Roundtable planning again! And thanks to Steve for inviting me out. You guys are the rock stars.


Alrighty, about the comic...

Whenever I meet someone whose work I enjoy, I do my best not to act like a fanboy. I figure they're going to get enough of that from everyone else that they don't need it from me too. Well, in the case of R.A. Salvatore, that's particularly difficult for me. But I did my best. Now, I know full well that that approach may come across as me being apathetic to the object of my fandom; which, in turn, would leave ample room for someone (particularly someone like Ted) to jump in and make an impression.

But, for once, real events far surpassed the oddity of the comic. Let me explain:

The press guys and I sat around our very special "press" table and jabbered away about everything from NHL '07 to buying a house. Now, as press we wanted desperately to talk to Mr. Salvatore about Green Monster Games. But, we all seemed to have the same feeling that, being invited to the Roundtable by Mythic, it was a little unfair to talk to the keynote speaker about his plans to be the competition. So we hatched a plan.

First, we would empty out Michael Lafferty's [from GameZone] messenger bag and toss it over "Bob"s head. Dana Massey [from MMORPG.Com] and I would throw him in the trunk of John McCarroll's [from RPG Fan] trunk. Then we'd drive "Bob" out to the mountains. All so that we could talk to him about Green Monster Games. In the "truth is stranger than fiction" department however, we all agreed to end the abduction by sewing an ear to the top of "Bob"s head and renaming him Quentin. I later explained all this to "Bob", much to the chagrin of my fellow conspirators. But the strange doesn't stop there. See, in the course of our plotting I'd generated several illustrations. And, "Bob"s son Bryan, eyes wide with glee, retrieved these illustrations to show his dad.

Plotting an abduction, even under the auspices of talking to him about his upcoming project, and providing illustrations... well, as I see it, that's about the last thing a fanboy should ever do. **grins**


To clear a few things up here:
"Bob" took it all in stride or hid it VERY well.

Having forgotten about Bryan in the abduction Tak's suggested that we just drop him off in the desert. But, since he was a GU fan, I figured I could draw him a picture that he could trade for water during his long trip back into town.

Steve Perkins from Mythic, when told about the plot, did nothing to dissuade us, saying instead, "It is Vegas."

I keep putting Bob in quotes because ALL of the other press folks admitted to feeling weird about Mr. Salvatore's request that we call him "Bob".

The ear on the head thing and renaming Bob, Quentin? Well, during our discussions, the other press guys and I talked about Uwe Boll, his recent boxing matches with his detractors, and his open invitation to fight Roger Avery and Quentin Tarantino. I then went off on a tangent about drawing a charicature of Quentin Tarantino stating that he has such a malformed head that you can move the pieces of his face around (a la Picasso) any way you like and it would still look like Quentin. And that's why we figured we could just sew an ear to the top of Bob's head and call him Quentin. Put that many creative people around a table, get them hopped up on Mountain Dew, Brownies, and Vegas Hotel force-fed Oxygen, and the above story is exactly what you get.

After explaining the abduction scheme to Mr. Salvatore, I told him how we collectively felt weird calling him Bob to which he responded, "Just call me Quentin".

Oh and I'd share the illustrations with you but Bob, ironically, abducted them.

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