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Comic for: September 25th, 2006
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Woody & Ted: "Cosmic Irony"
Posted: Monday September 25th, 2006 by

After years of zapping mmogs the irony of being zapped myself isn't lost on me.

No worries though, I haven't actually been zapped. It's just one of those nagging fears I get whenever I'm working on electrical stuff. And it seems I've been doing that a LOT this move. Had to replace two light fixtures in the old place yesterday, and I've been fighting with the garage door opener on the new place for a couple of days now. It's all done now, but I made quite a few trips to the circuit breaker.

It's definitely the kind of thing Ted would blank out on though. I mean, I've always considered him an intelligent character, probably overly so. But, like most of us, when he's focussed on something, he tends to get a bit myopic. I just picture this comic from inside the house, me getting blown off of a 10 foot A frame. And poof... right into my reading chair, charred black, smoking, and asking for a Coke Zero.

Today's Pimpage: Ted is wearing a "Dad?" shirt from Threadless.Com.

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