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Comic for: September 14th, 2006
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World of Warcraft: "WSG Terrain Exploit II"
Posted: Thursday September 14th, 2006 by

Phantom Entertainment, Previously Infinium Labs, recently announced that it would be enlisting software developer VertiCity to convert their Phantom Game Service software into something that would run on existing PCs. They've also made their first product, the Phantom Lapboard, available for pre-order via their website. The current list price is $129.95. Orders placed before September 30th will receive a $30 rebate. The Lapboards will begin shipping this November.
Source: GameSpot [ more info ]

Now, I openly admit, I dig the design of the Phantom Lapboard. (Or, without having touched, I dig the notion.) But, I see no element of it that makes it a $130 product. It seems to me that they've set the pricepoint at a level above it's actual value in an effort to recoup some of their losses.

If someone else sees info as to why this lapboard might be WORTH $130, please link us to it.

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