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Comic for: September 6th, 2006
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The Zapper!: "A Variety of Reasons"
Posted: Wednesday September 6th, 2006 by

In an effort to educate mmog consumers playing their games, NC Soft is developing a public service program that offers a series of basic dos and don'ts for personal safety and data security. "PlaySmart", as it's being called, will be bundled into every NC Soft game as a printed card. The info will also be made available on their gaming portal site: PlayNC.Com. NC Soft CEO Robert Garriot further explained that, "by following these very simple precautions, players and their families can reduce the risk factor of a negative incident dramatically."
Source: 1Up.Com [ more info ]

I may be poking fun at NC Soft, Robert Garriott, and "PlaySmart" in the comic. But the truth is... it's a sound idea. I applaud this proactive approach to assisting the less savvy amongst us with issues concerning personal safety and data security. A new scam is hatched every day. And if a list of dos and don'ts keeps even a single individual from falling victim, then the effort is well worth it.

Kudos NC Soft.

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