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Comic for: September 1st, 2006
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Pickles with Hats: "Just for Fun"
Posted: Friday September 1st, 2006 by

Last night before heading upstairs to begin the arduous task of digging through gaming news to find the basis for a comic, I said simply "Man, I wish I had a joke idea." To which Taks replied, "You could draw pickles with hats". And, for as ridiculous as it sounded, I couldn't deny the logic of it. For, indeed I could draw pickles with hats.

The problem would only be in finding a reason for said pickles doning the above stated chapeaux. (That's French for hats.) It was an enigma. And, after some thought, it didn't seem right to completely unravel the mystery but rather to let you decide for yourselves what about the idea of wearing a hat might have been considered fun for the average pickle.

But ultimately, if you have questions... ask Taks. I drew the pickles in their hats; my work here is done.

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