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Comic for: August 14th, 2006
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World of Warcraft: "Zeppelin TSA"
Posted: Monday August 14th, 2006 by

The Transport Security Administration (TSA), who are in charge of nationwide airport security regulations, recently announced that vitually all liquids would be banned from being carried onto flights. This includes beverages purchased IN the gate areas and food courts. Liquids such as shampoo, tanning lotion, hair gel, toothpaste, etc. must now be stored in checked baggage. Baby formula, liquid prescription medications, insulin and other essential non-prescription medicines have sense been listed as exceptions. These additional "protective" measures also cause longer waits at the security check points and thus the TSA is recommending travelers arrive 3 hours before their flight's departure.
Source: CNN [ more info ]
The idea for a comic associated with that news was emailed to me one our readers, Josh. He suggested what a similar action might look like in World of Warcraft if the Gryphon Masters got all antsy about liquids on flights. But, given that travel on Gryphons are a solo endeavor , I thought a zeppelin might be a more direct parallel.

Thanks for the joke idea Josh!

This thread has been HEAVILY moderated.

I don't think it was Josh's intent to get everyone all riled up about this, but rather to try to draw a little levity out of a stressful situation.

And, I know I didn't think the thread would devolve into a soapbox for political commentary or to bash each other's opions on the situation. (I'm guilty too so yeah.)

For these reason, I've removed everything but those notions of a parallel of airport security in the real world to zeppelin and gryphon security.


The 40 some odd posts have been shifted to the Moderator forum for review.

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