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Comic for: August 4th, 2006
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Woody & Ted: "Enjoy you to Die!"
Posted: Friday August 4th, 2006 by

Yesterday I followed a link from the Special Forums to a video of a massive robot suit that shuffles along, and shoots tennis balls. It's very Mech-like in it's design, if not exactly mech-like in it's agility.
Source: Special Forums Post [ more info ]

After I watched the "Land Walker" amble about, I saw another little link to a "robot cat" which lead me to a video of a "robot coy fish" and so on and so forth until I saw a clip titled "Japanese Robot Fight". Off and on for the rest of the day I followed more links to other robot fighting videos. Now, I knew we (humans) were making great advances in bipedal robotics. But, I had no idea anyone had progressed to this point. These little foot high robots were walking, running, fighting, jumping rope... completely untethered an unsupported. If they fall, they get up on their own.

I even found kits for some of them. Luckily they're pricey or ED would probably be programming one to destroy me right now.

Now, I don't mean to mislead anyone here. The robots are very limited. But, compared to what I thought was possible right now it stunned me and made me giddy in one fail swoop. And "when I win the lottery" you can bet I'll have a Robonova, a KHR-2, and Robofie VS-1 duking it out on my kitchen floor.

[ Yes, I could link you. But, I'd rather you google them and find all the other info out there too. Go go HRP-2! ]

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