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Comic for: August 1st, 2006
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LocoRoco: "Pervert"
Posted: Tuesday August 1st, 2006 by

You know that moment when you see something that's perfectly natural, even sweet, and yet your mind turns it into something completely terrible and you have to stop yourself from laughing out loud because doing so would make you a "bad person"? That's today's comic in a nutshell.

I make no apologies for my sense of humor, twisted or otherwise. And, it's likely that I am indeed a "bad person".

See, LocoRoco is a simple, cute, 2D, side-to-side scolling, puzzle, platformer... THING... for the PSP. It was supposed to take Japan by storm, it hasn't. So ends Sony's bid to generate a killer app to sell PSP's in the Land of the Rising Sun.

LocoRoco is slated for release here in the States early September. And I'll even admit to being interested in the game myself. You know me; I'm always looking for new, interesting gameplay. And "simple" is always good when you're sitting on a plane for 4 hours.

To explain the comic a bit, the LocoRoco are prett much blobs of amorphous goo; they morph to hurdle the obsticles of the environment, or, in this case, squeeze through it's narrow passages. I'm just positing the idea that some of the LocoRoco... uhhh... like it... a LOT!

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