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Comic for: June 21st, 2006
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Poopy Strip: "Dammit! Again?"
Posted: Wednesday June 21st, 2006 by

It hasn't even been a year yet, but already this new power supply that I lauded for it's modular cabling... is dead.

I didn't get the comic done last night because I busy deciding whether it was too mean or not. So, I got up early this morning and plopped down at my computer to "get to work". Pressed the power button, the little blue light came on for just a second and went right back off. I deemed that weird and gave it some time to itself. You know, it's not used to getting turned on this early in the morning; it was probably still having breakfast with the kids and checking the stock market, reading glasses perched precariously at the end of its nose, bagel and coffee both creeping to "too cold to be good'.

Anyway, after it's alone time... I pressed the button again. Flipped the main power switch on the back, gave it some more time. Tried again, nothing. Pressed the reset button and SNAP! No magical blue smoke, no nothing. Just me and the lingering memory of what sounded like me stepping on a branch in the yard, or for the more commercially minded of you the sound of eating a Slim Jim (apparently).

Gave the computer the sniff test, and my powersupply has that old familiar wreak.

Now, please, don't bother offering me your condolences or advice. You guys know how grumpy I get over stuff like that. I really just wanted to let you guys know what happened. And, why I was entertaining the though of moving to a cave in the hills, forsaking technology, and only eating what I can catch, pick, or grow.

Piss off power supplies of the worlds. Rocks aren't full of blue smoke and magic.

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