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Comic for: May 25th, 2006
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Bang! Howdy: "Mom Jumpin'"
Posted: Thursday May 25th, 2006 by

Three Rings Design Inc., the guys that brought you Puzzle Pirates, has opened the beta for their new wild west tactical strategy game Bang! Howdy.
Source: Three Rings [ more info ]

Now, the name, for those of us with dirty minds, might be a bit suggestive and give off the wrong impression of the game. But, I played it for a bit, and it's "cute" and enjoyable. I haven't played it enough to give an all out review of any kind, but I can say that it's definitely worth the free download.

There are several games within "Bang! Howdy". Each game can have up to 4 participants (real or computer generated)
1. Claim Jumpin': Use your team to steal gold from the mines of other players
2. Cattle Rustlin': Use your team to brand as many cattle in the alloted time as possible. Other teams can re-brand the cattle to claim them as their own.
3. Gold Rush: Use your team to collect as much gold as possible before time runs out.

You get more money the better you do relative to your opponents. The money can be used to unlock new characters, which you ten use to make your team; buy cards that give you special abilities during the match; change your appearance; etc.


On a related note, I'd also like to take the time to congratulate on of my webcomic peers, Ian McConville from MacHall. He is now one of the "art monekys" at Three Rings.

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