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Comic for: April 21st, 2006
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Guitar Hero: "Tied in Knots"
Posted: Friday April 21st, 2006 by

So, I suckered Taks into playing Guitar Hero yesterday. Yeah... she's addicted now too. I knew she was hooked when, a short while into playing, she suggested we order pizza. Loosely translated "Uhhh... we're going to be playing this for a while, and I'm not going to want to cook". A woman after my own heart.

So yeah. She played around with the thing for a while, and when she finally relinquished the guitar controller, I set about challenging myself. I unlocked a series of songs called "fret burners". Basically it's really quick finger changing songs. If you had told me two days ago that I'd be able to even attempt any of those I'd have laughed at you. (Please note, I'm still new to all this and am still playing on Easy.)

Well, after my adventures in the fret burner songs, I went back and played some of the initial songs. After a couple of perfect songs (no missed notes), Taks challenged me to up the difficulty. I handled "I love rock & roll" on medium pretty well. So Taks challenged me to play it on hard.

My fingers rebelled.


I'll try not to do any more comics about Guitar Hero anytime soon. I understand that you have to play it to fully appreciate the addiction. But, I do comics about the games I'm playing and I just couldn't resist the follow up comic after playing yesterday.

Okay so to give this thread direction:
For those of you playing Guitar Hero, what's your favorite song and why?

I think the one that really got my attention last night was "No One Knows" (Easy). It was actually an adrenaline rush for me getting through that song the first time around.

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