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Comic for: April 11th, 2006
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Oblivion: "Groaner"
Posted: Tuesday April 11th, 2006 by

So, as you folks have probably come to realize, over the past few weeks the only game I've really had time to play is Oblivion. With fast travel, if I only have an hour to play, I can still accomlish something.

At any rate. I ran across a guy pretty early on that wanted to sell his family mansion. Problem was, it was 5K. I knew from speaking to towns folk that the manor had some kind of quest linked to it. So, I came back when I had the gold.

(Note: I saved the game right before paying him incase it wasn't worth most of my loot.)

Well, the place little Mr. Spookypants sold me was phantasm infested. Now, the gamer in me knew this was the case before I even started the quest line. But, my character didn't find out until he tried to sleep in the place. Poor Gorsch was awakened suddenly when this glowy floaty thing started blasting his pants off.

I survived the initial onslaught, and got quest pinged to track the upstart realtor down. Seems he ran off to Imperial City the second I handed over my dough. So, I drug his little ass back to Anvil and made him help me figure out what the deal was. He cowarded out when the super secret evil door opened, leaving me to fight an undead caster by myself. (Took a few tries. **coughs**)

Anywho, by the time I was done with the house, I was fairly attached to it. And conventiently enough the ghosts straightened up on their way out. When I was done with the lich-thing the place looked brand new. Ghosts, they're the next "cheap labor" I'm telling you.

I... uh... have pawned off everything of value that was in the house to try to recoup some of my losses though. **whistles** But, ultimately the quest was so predictable, I figured ONLY a pun would do the situation justice.

Please forgive me...
Or I'll sic my ghostly maids on you. **wiggles the spooky fingers at you** Booga booga booga.

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