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Comic for: March 17th, 2006
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Shadowbane: "FREEEEEEDOM!"
Posted: Friday March 17th, 2006 by

Yesterday (3/16) Wolfpack Studios announced that their point-n-click MMOG, Shadowbane, will be free to play from here on out. You can even download the game client for free.
Source: Gamespot [ more info ]

Now, I'm not sure if Ubisoft will be using the resources generated by other game sales to cover the cost of maintaining Shadowbane, if they're just hopping on the play for free small-to-midsize MMOG bandwagon, or if the game was so close to the brink of hitting the Zapper that they decided going free would draw users back to their product just in time for an expansion announcement. No matter the reason though... Shadowbane is free.

Now, if you work for Ubisoft, Wolfpack Studios, or any of the other games that offer their MMOG for free... could you please get one of your business folks to explain to me exactly how the free-to-play business model works? I mean, does content sales in the form of expansions, adventure packs, etc. really cover all the operating costs?

I uhhh... don't suspect the game companies can actually answer that question for "trade secret" reasons. And I don't expect anyone from Wolfpack would answer that question for me because I haven't exactly been kind to Shadowbane since it's release. **whistles**

Anywho, with the Shadowbane fly now flying free, I think it might be time to pick a new partner for the Horizons fly.

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