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Comic for: February 23rd, 2006
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The Zapper!: "The Mesiah"
Posted: Thursday February 23rd, 2006 by

About a month agao, in a bid to secure an additional $5 million in funding, Infinium Labs, the folks "producing" the Phantom Game Console, layed bare their books and prospectus for the future. Detailed in those books is how the company has managed to acrue nearly $63 million in losses and their plan to put their "Phantom Game Service" on hold while they focus on getting their Phantom Lapboard to market.
Source: GameSpot [ more info ]

Now, generally, I don't revel in the failings of games, game companies, platforms, etc. But, this one has been a long time coming. And, I am of the firm belief that Timothy Roberts, founder of Infinium Labs, is a charlatan. I'm not sure how he continued to secure funding; but, his business track record shows that the Phantom's collapse is par for the course. Over and over again he would form a company, secure incredible amounts of funding just to lose all of his investors' money. But then... I think I've made my feelings about that abundantly clear.
Source: HardOCP [ more info ]

All that aside, I will say straight up, I'm intrigued by the Phantom Lapboard. It's pretty nifty. But, I doubt seriously they'll be able to sell enough of them to make up for the Phantom's enormous losses, and generate enough revenue to make continued development on the Phantom Console a viable endeavor.

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