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Comic for: February 21st, 2006
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EverQuest II: "Break"
Posted: Tuesday February 21st, 2006 by

Okay, so I'm exagerating. But, while playing EQ2 yesterday, it certainly seemed like some of the fights were taking hours.

To answer any questions here, he's was a level 8 Inquisitor fighting level 8 banded armidillos just outside the Freeport gates. And, I have to say, as soon as I leveled I got a couple of better spells. Using those next level spells cut the fight times down tremendously.

But, these long low level fights seems to be emblematic of SOE MMOG design. And, I just think it's a bad move. The fights on the isle were fast enough I guess. But, the first few levels after you hit your main city should remain fast paced as well. Otherwise they run the risk of boring the customers and sending them in droves to another game. These days our collective attention span demands "instant gratification", and the game companies have to meet that requirement.

UPDATE: (Please Read before responding.)
This is not commentary on how fast one levels. My little level 9 Inquisitor is leveling quite fast. And it should be noted that the slowness I am encountering is likely due ENTIRELY to class I chose. The warrior I started in EQ back at its release seemed to go through mobs like butter.

AND... I went to the commlands at that level because I was given a quest to run something out to the Crossroads. I grabbed the "kill vermin" quest along the way. I wasn't grinding anything.

This also isn't a post bashing SOE. I don't mind my game play experience in EQ2 (months ago OR now). I dislike the graphics... but that's always been the case.

AND this is NOT a thread comparing EQ2 to any other game. Comments about other games are off topic and will be deleted.

Please keep all that in mind before posting. Thanks!

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