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Comic for: February 6th, 2006
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Guitar Hero: "Rock Out!"
Posted: Monday February 6th, 2006 by

I was browsing through the news at GameTab and stumbled across this video of a guy playing "Guitar Hero". Now, the guitar is is actually one big controller. And you use it to control the guitar playing antics of your in-game persona.

I've know about Guitar Hero for a while now. Jerry (Tycho) over at Penny Arcade has mentioned it on a few different occassions. But, the video was the first time I actually saw someone playing it. And, I asked myself... WWTD? What would Ted do?

Well, Ted would definately take his shirt off, put on the fake wig and leather pants he keeps for just such an occassion, stuff about 15 socks down said leather pants, and ROCK THE HELL OUT. And why not? I say if you're gonna stand there playing a plastic guitar, do it with some damn style.

Clarification: It's not Ted in the comic. How he would respond just inspired the comic.

SO... **throws up the rock horns** Stuff some socks in your pants and rock on!

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