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Comic for: August 5th, 2005
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Gaming News: "15.8%"
Posted: Friday August 5th, 2005 by

I was searching around looking for game related news when I ran across the most interesting, if unexpected, news report I've read in quite a while.

It seems that China's Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Information Industry have decided to prevent minors (read: below the age of 18) from playing games in which they can kill other players. Game Insider [ more info ]

Now, I'm mixed about this report. I think it's a good idea (please save your flames for my email), but the age limit is a tad high. 15 maybe. 18 ridiculous.

Anyway, the comic is supposed to represent the 15.8% of the internet users in China that are under the age 18 crying out at the sudden loss of their multiplayer goodness. C'mon that's the age group that's responsible for the word FRAG. And it's being taken away from our poor Chinese brethren.

The MOC and MII are also ordering the country's game developers to include identity authentication measures to make sure minors are not able to play games they are supposed to be restricted from. With the Chinese online gaming market expected to jump from 304 million in sales revernue to 1.34 billion, and the financial ramifications of this ban, you can probably understand why the game companies... really don't wanna.

We gamers, with the trouble we've been encountering lately, should watch this development closely. It could have implications here at home. If this action on the part of the Chinese government is deemed "successful", we could see a similar push for legislation.

Although, that exactly the kind of thing that might FINALLY motivate companies to use their substantial financial muscle to lobby against further changes. **shrugs** Who knows?

I just thought it was an interesting subject that afforded me the opportunity to present a picture of China saying "dammit". Somewhere in the deep recesses of my brain that registers as funny.

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