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Comic for: April 25th, 2005
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Gaming News: "Big Pile of Crap!"
Posted: Monday April 25th, 2005 by

This comic should not be taken as me implying that Mythic or DAoC are "crap". I've just grown fond of representing the video game companies as flies (purely for the sake of their inevitable, if distant, trip to the bug zapper). And, my weird sense of humor means that I will, on occassion, mix the real world existance of their MMOG company with the "fly" world I've created for them.

Now, the text of the comic is a reference to the little verbal boxing match over virtual property nonsense between Mythic CEO Mark Jacobs and SOE president John Smedley. [ more info ] And I know there has been plenty enough discussion about the issues brought about by SOE's announcement of the Station Exchange, an SOE venture meant to offer the developer sanctioned transfer of virtual goods.

Again, it's a heated topic, and it's been beaten to death, so we really don't need to discuss it any further. I've asked all around the industry, and no one really wants to commit to talking about it. I did indeed get some people to agree to answer my questions, but the words "timely fashion" didn't come in to play. Now, I'll freely admit this is because GU has far less pull in the community than I would like it to. I mean, it used to be that if I asked for something, I got it. These days, I'm lucky if they even know what GU is. I know I know... that's an exageration, but it's how I feel every time an email goes unanswered.

Anyway... since we've talked about virtual property ENOUGH, let's use this thread to discuss other things you feel have been beaten to death. You know... the stuff you just wish people would shut the hell up about.

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