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Comic for: April 22nd, 2005
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Gaming News: "Good Grief!"
Posted: Friday April 22nd, 2005 by

Wednesday, April 20th, Namco, makers of Tekken and Soul Calibur, finalized a deal with United Media to create and publish games featuring the characters from Charles Schultz's Peanuts comic strip. [ more info ]

The comic is how I decided to interpret that news. (There is currently no information on what kind of game will be developed.) At any rate, I took Charlie Brown and Lucy's age old rivalry, and dropped it into Namco's soon to be released fighting game Soul Calibur 3 as Setsuka and Zasalamel, respectively.

I was going to put text on the comic explaining what I was getting at, but it ruined the feel of the comic. The joke is supposed to be Peanuts characters being drawn completely out of character. The text detracted from that. **shrugs**

I expect I'll get a LOT of confused emails today.

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