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Comic for: February 4th, 2005
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EverQuest: "PvP Server Merge"
Posted: Friday February 4th, 2005 by

SOE announced a few days ago that, in an effort to revitalize PvP in EQ, they would be combining all of the PvP servers. The new server will be simply be called Zek and will be taking on the Rallos Zek PvP ruleset.- EverQuest Live [ more info ]

Now, back when I started playing EQ (on a PvP server) the loot rules on Rallos Zek was basically the equivalent of a naked caster gankfest. So, curious about the potential for trouble I asked Brenlo if he could tell me what the ruleset would be. He explained it like this: "Rallos is 4 level +/- Other than that there are no restrictions". When asked about looting rules he let me know that "Rallos has no loot rights anymore. So you get points but no loot." Essentially... it's not just one big gankfest anymore. You don't have to worry about losing your equipment to a naked caster.

And the comic, well, the comic is a poke at that word "revitalize". I'm sure the 4 server merge will have a significant impact on the number of players on the PvP server. But, in the end I think it will still be a relatively light server load. **shrugs** Without knowing exact numbers I'm just begging to be made a fool of. I have to wonder at that word "revitalize" though... considering the quality of PvP in EQ, I think it'll take much more than a server merge to "revitalize" it.

Seriously though, after the merge is complete, I'll ask about the numbers on the server and, if they actually give me data rather than feeding me some marketing BS, I'll let you guys know.


Please note: This thread is not permission to bash SOE. Remember, if you can't offer constructive criticism, don't post anything at all. And for those of you confused by the word "constructive", that means if you're going to be negative or critical atleast do us the service of offering suggestions for how the problem could be rectified.

Posts that offer little more than pointless negativity will be removed without warning.

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