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Comic for: February 3rd, 2005
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Mercenaries: "The Tip"
Posted: Thursday February 3rd, 2005 by

The game studio responsible for Star Wars Battlefronts, Pandemic, recently released an action shooter game called Mercenaries, where the entire point seems to be to destroy as much as possible in an effort to complete your missions.

Now, the commercials for this game have a sort of destructive sense of humor to them. Luckily for me it just kind of matches the games profile to have the character Mattias Milsson, a Swedish Mercenary with a penchant for excessive force, "tipping" a delivery driver with a live grenade.

The reward for me in drawing the comic, and trying to deliver the proper context of the comic, was drawing that grin on Nilsson's face. Though, I have to admit, I had fun making the BOOM bubble as well.

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