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Comic for: January 13th, 2005
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World of Warcraft: "Broken Pants"
Posted: Thursday January 13th, 2005 by

A couple of night ago in Stumpcutter Guild Chat, Oroku informed us that he had managed to break his pants. Now, this was an obvious reference to his pants losing their durability. In World of Warcraft when an items durability hits zero, they no longer offer their AC, bonuses, etc. making them, in effect, "broken" until you pay to have them repaired.

The brains behind the text in guild chat would never dream of leaving it at that though. So, Today's Comic was Andara's response, almost word for word.

There was plenty of other humor offered up on the subject, such as Malakia figuring it to be a "wardrobe malfunction", but I can only fit so much into each panel. You know?

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