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Comic Type: Gaming News | Posted: Thursday August 30th, 2012 by Woody - [ Size: 600x450 ]
1. It had better work right when I buy it. Let me say that againÖ.IT HAD BETTER WORK!!! Iím done beta testing games Iím not in the beta for. Iíd rather you be late than explain why my Uber Spear of Odin canít kill small rodents while my Rusty Dull Dagger just slew Grumpsh.

2. Make it customizable. Let me select what my interface looks like. Let me re-arrange the hot keys whenever I want. Let me use macros to set up my own comboís, but donít require that everyone use them.

3. Depth of content; itís something SWG is missing, and I canít figure out why. There is a ton of content, but it all feels the same somehow. Make the cave of the Killer Rabbit be almost a world unto itself, and totally different from the Forest of Shrubbery.

4. Cool factor is a must. Diablo II had good cool factor out of the gate, most Blizzard games do.

5. Post production involvement is what keeps me coming back in to play a game (other than my friends being there). When 200 skeletons attack your hometown, and you just happen to be there to save it, itís very cool. Spontaneous GM content is a big one for me.

6. Good expansions. So far EQ and DaoC have both done well in this department.

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