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"Is EVE grindy?" - discuss
Comic Type: World of Warcraft | Posted: Tuesday February 6th, 2007 by Woody - [ Size: 300x465 ]
Okay, as a preface, as most of us already know, Lord of the Rings Online open beta (or as they call it "World Tour") started last friday.

When this happened, I downloaded and started playing, then mentioned it to one of my friends who her husband and her were really interested in this game last time I asked about it (few months back). Anyway, while the female half of this pair started downloading it right away, I learned after she logged in that neither her husband nor my other friend who rents a room from them would be. The husband's explination why was "It's just a grinding MMO, with a LOTR twist." This didn't surprise me, I figured that would be the case. Most MMOs have some aspect of a grind (as do almost any game for that matter).

But then she tells me "(him) and (the housemate) have really been into EVE lately. This is the point where I sat up and said "Wait... what?" Now I'll admit, I'm not exactly fully in the know when it comes to EVE, but I was under the impression that EVE was, for the most part, a player run game. By that I mean the economy is mostly driven by the crafters, and goals are set soley for self-progression with (mostly) no larger goal than that. While I expect there to be some sort of storyline, I would guess it's world (or I guess galaxy in this case) event driven, so if you aren't there to see it, you miss out. And from my various experiences with many MMOs over the years, games with purely player driven economies are even more grindy than most, since the primary method of acqisition of new gear (or whatever) is through other players instead of alternate methods such as quest rewards. But since I haven't played EVE, this is all just conjecture based on reviews I've seen.

So could someone clear it up for me? Is EVE a grindy game at core, or is there some really cool interesting thing that makes this different from other MMOs (other than "OMG! It's in space, duh. lol")

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