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"Dark Horse's Star Wars comics" - discuss
Comic Type: The Life of Ted! | Posted: Wednesday September 27th, 2006 by Woody - [ Size: 300x465 ]
Well, Dark horse has been releasing some interesting Star Wars stuff in the last little while, and at this point I finally feel confidant enough to comment on one of the three series currently being written. The series I shall present to you today is "Knights of the Old Republic".

The KOTOR comic which takes place about 8 years before the first game. The comic follows the adventures of a young padawan named Zayne Carrick, who has been framed for the murder of his friends by the very masters who were supposed to be training them. Issue 1 ends with a wonderful shot of Zayne, who at first appears to be something of a screw up, arriving just in time to find his masters standing over the bodies of his friends.

Now the entire republic is hunting him for a crime he did not commit and the only ones who stand by him are an unlikly band of misfits and outcaste.

I must admit I really like Zayne and his companions. Zayne starts out as a bumbling kid whose heart is in the right place, but slowly you can see him gaining the abilities and confidance he'd need to be a good Jedi. I find it more of a comment on his master that he's only starting to flower in the force as he's left his presence.

The rest of the tale is pretty good, especially as you learn more about the masters and their reasons for committing the padawan slaughter. This looks to a really good series and I have every intention of keeping up with it.

Now Dark horse is also doing two other star wars series one is called "Dark times" and deals the rise of the empire along with the scattering and elimination of the Jedi after ROTS. The other is called "Legacy" and deals with the universe over a 100 years after the fall of the empire. There's some interesting possibilities here but I have yet to complete the first story arc so I shall reserve judgement.

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