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"To romance, or not to romance...." - discuss
Comic Type: God of War | Posted: Thursday March 24th, 2005 by Woody - [ Size: 300x465 ]
Oddball question....

In the novels I am writing, there are two characters who are, shall we say, mismatched slightly (it's a sci-fi novel, but for visual and conceptual reference, think Barbarian male warrior and Wood Elf female, oh, I dunno....probably enchanter is the closest concept). Originally, I had no intention of them getting involved with one another, as the novels basically follow the progression of machiavellian events that lead to a massive interstellar war being manipulated from behind the scenes, and are thus good-ol-fashioned Heinlein-style space opera.

However, in addition to being threatened with dire bodily harm if I did not make an RPG setting based on the setting in the novels, I was also told by EVERY woman and several men who have read what I have done so far that I need to develop a romance between those two characters.

Besides the obvious physical issues (you're talking about a 7'2" man who weighs 1,650 lbs, who's tissue density is twenty times that of a human, who will live, barring accident or death in combat, to be around 2,250 or so, and who can pick up an H2 and throw it fifty feet or so from a culture of genengineered warriors getting into a relationship with a Human woman), there are cultural ramifications, since both come from cultures that are borderline xenophobic, at least towards one another, and so on.

So, do I develop the romance, how detailed do I get, and is it something that should happen quickly, or be drawn out over all three books (think I know the answer to that one :-) )?

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