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"Variety 6-Pack Root Beer of the Month from TheRootBeerStore.Com"

Comic Type: Woody & Ted | Posted: Friday September 16th, 2011 by Woody - [ Size: 600x800 ]
[fp]I'm fairly picky when it comes to deciding which items I accept for review. I try to limit those items to stuff that will be of some interest to my community. So, being asked to review a Root Beer of the Month offering walked a thin line between yes and no. It's probably of interest to some of you, but -I think you will agree- it's an odd item. I'm not overly enamored with the general flavor myself. But, the idea of a Root Beer of the Month club intrigued me. Ultimately, with dreams of root beer floats in my head, I accepted.[/fp]

Memberships are available in 6-Pack or 12-Pack options. And, where 12 months is the default term, you can sign up for as many (or as few) months as you like. No guarantee is listed, but the Root Beer Store website states that one year of the Variety 6-Pack Membership will net you 72 different root beers to try. Even if you're not that great a fan of the flavor, the chances of finding ones that you like are pretty high. The proof of that concept, for me, was in the first delivery.

We set up a sipper's gallery. Each member of the family got a small glass of each root beer, then we ranked them worst to first. From my perspective, one was just... not good. There's no other way to put it. Though my son disagrees and it's still his favorite. Two were "meh". Two were "not bad" (meaning "pretty good"). But one, the Frostie Vanilla, has gone on my permanent "yes" list. The rest of the family agreed, and we've decided that it will be worked into our holiday traditions henceforth. To a one though, even the "not good" flavor, was fantastic over vanilla bean ice cream.

Packaging-wise, the bottles were boxed with recyclable, cardboard-pulp inserts that keep them from breaking during shipping. I wish that The Root Beer Store had included one of their branded 6-Pack sleeves though, as much to make storing them a touch easier as to promote themselves within the box. I would also have liked to receive some kind of info card that included descriptions of each root beer in the shipment. These omissions may have been due to the fact that this was a review box however. Regular packages may include one or both of these items.

And so, we come to price. There is certainly a value here in that members are likely to be exposed to root beer flavors and manufacturers that they simply would not have encountered out in the urban wilds. All of the root beer flavors included in my shipment were in the $2.00 per bottle range. That would be around $12 for six. The 6-Pack Variety membership is $18.95 per month. Which still isn't bad considering they're hand selected. But, shipping, depending on destination, will cost you an additional $12-$16 per month which makes me cringe just typing it. My bill for the Variety 6-pack, had it not been offered in trade for a fair review, would have been $33.03.

As a review of the service, excluding cost and considering my entire family's response, I can't speak highly enough about what we received. Packaging loses a little bit of that ground; though my experience may not reflect what is included in an actual member's delivery. The cost ends up being the only thing that gives me pause. But, it's a significant pause.

- 6 different flavors every month, 72 different flavors in a year
- Secure packaging
- Interesting service

- No information about the flavors included in the delivery
- Cost

The Variety 6-Pack Root Beer of the Month membership is available from TheRootbeerStore.Com for $18.95, plus $12-$16 shipping and handling, per month. (at the time of this review)

This is not a paid review; the item was provided in exchange for a fair assessment.

#gureviews #rootbeerofthemonth

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