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Comic for: March 21st, 2008
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Gaming News: "Just a Little Suggestion"
Posted: Friday March 21st, 2008 by

In the latest bit of legal wrangling between Gibson Guitar Corp. and Activision, Gibson has filed suit against Wal*Mart, Target, K-Mart, Amazon, GameStop and Toys-R-Us for selling the Guitar Hero series of games which they claim infringes upon one of their patents.
Source: CNN Money [ more info ]

When Gibson first filed suit against Activision earlier this month claiming Guitar Hero violated one of their patents, I rolled my eyes at what seemed to be to be an obvious money grab. I found out later that the suit was filed after Activision made it clear that they were "not interested in renewing its marketing and support agreement with Gibson". [more info] So it's not just a money grab; it's a petty attempt to weasel money out of a company they signed a licensing agreement with. (to use the shape of Gibson guitars as the basis for Guitar Hero game controllers)

Activision has been more uhh... tactful... in their response to Gibson. But, after suing the game's retailers, I figured I'd say Activision was probably thinking. You know, let them off the "being polite" hook.

Obviously, my days of thinking Gibson was cool for their involvement with Guitar Hero are over. And I will be 100% honest here. After suing such large retailers over a pitiful squabling match with Activision, I hope the combined might of these retailers is brought to bear and Gibson is annihilated. And just to rub salt into the wounds, when the company is forced to liquify, I hope Activision sops up Gibson's patents with an irony biscuit.

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