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Comic for: September 12th, 2006
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World of Warcraft: "WSG Terrain Exploit"
Posted: Tuesday September 12th, 2006 by

I was doing some highly complex, life-driven, theoretical math last night, where certain life events add or subtract age from the quality of being "old". In the end I decided that if buying a house makes me old, buying Legos and video games evens me out. As proof of that very concept immediately after shopping for a new couch for my new home last night... I went across the street (to Toys-R-Us) to buy Star Wars Lego sets, Lego Star Wars II for the PS2, and Loco Roco for the PSP.

So yeah... I mentioned the other day that I'm neck deep in the process of buying a house. We (Taks and I) were supposed to close on the house on the 19th, but with the ability to act quicker, we did just that. Now, I'm closing on the house tomorrow.

Oh and I don't really have a lawn. The grass around my house is HOA (Home Owners Association) controlled, as are my gutters and fence. I will be sodding the area around my deck for Caesar's sake, but that's not really a lawn so much as it's a green square for puppy pooping purposes.

Please don't offer unsolicited advice believe it or not we actually know what we're doing.


The shirt Ted is wearing isn't REALLY a shirt yet. But you could help with that. It's a design that Hawk from AppleGeeks has submitted to Threadless. With enough viewer response to the design, Threadless will then make a shirt out of it.

You can find the submission here:

Just sign in and score it.

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