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Comic for: December 15th, 2005
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King Kong: "Dark. But, Good."
Posted: Thursday December 15th, 2005 by

Let me start this writeup by stating clearly that GU tends NOT to comment on "rumors". But, sometimes, for the humor of it, we will make fun of a situation.

So yeah, word went 'round the gaming news circuit today that Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot decried the Xbox 360 version of King Kong unplayable on some TV's because it was "too dark" and advised gamers only purchase the game for more established game systems.
Source: BBC News [ more info ]

But, I haven't seen any gamer complaints to support that. Everyone seems to rave about the game. I can see where TV setting might render the game too dark to play comfortably. But, then again, what game doesn't give you options for changing the brightness of the game. And, if not the game, then the TV can be adjusted.

I just like the idea that gamers would rave about the game even though they couldn't actually see anything. Whether their approval extended from the ridiculous amount of hype surrounding this game is left unclear. But, I'll tell you this, for as much as I want to see the movie... I'm kinda tired of hearing about it and the game.

I mean... the Kong game was nominated for all manner of awards for the Spike TV VGA's and the damn thing was JUST released less than a month ago. And, the thing is being released on every currently popular handheld unit and gaming console. All of my entertainment forms are so saturated with Kong hype, that I've actually started changing all of my verbs to "Kong" a la the Smurfs.

And, what the hell is up with that annoyingly long title on the game? I understand putting Peter Jackson's name on there. It's the same as with Sid Meir games. But, since I know it's a game based on the movie and you know it's a game based on the movie; is it really necessary to qualify it as such IN the title?

Meh. Digress and move on.

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