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Comic for: November 29th, 2005
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World of Warcraft: "Questicles"
Posted: Tuesday November 29th, 2005 by

Ques·ti·cles: noun
Courage to accept potentially difficult quests, especially if a certain amount of recklessness is required.


As a player that solos most of the time, and tries to avoid dying to keep from paying copious amounts of gold on armor repair, I'm usually pretty reluctant to go on quests that seem too difficult for me. Sure, I'll approach them and give them a little look. But, I've gotten pretty adept at assessing the situation to decide if I'd actually survive or not. If I feel I can't survive... I rarely even try. I abandon the quest and move on.
Not exactly a gleaming pair of questicles.

A good example:
I took Grek out to Silithus to look over some of the new quests out there. One quest found me having to grab a bag off the ground near a nasty little spider elite and his two body guards.

I didn't even consider rushing them and trying to take out the elite. I watched their path a few times, guaged how close to them I could get. Hoped it wouldn't take the bag too long to open, rushed in, grabbed the bag, and ran back out nasty elite and his two body guards hot on my tail.


I guess it's not TOO bad. I did atleast try it. But, if I'd gotten smished a couple of times, I would have dropped the quest like a hot rock.


Alrighty, this is where you tell stories of your possession or lack of questicles.

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