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Comic for: November 4th, 2005
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Poopy Strip: "The Cintiq Bomb"
Posted: Friday November 4th, 2005 by

Two days after plugging in the Cintiq, my video card has gone kaput. I can only imagine that the two items are not related; but, it does put a huge crimp in my work schedule.

So, there may be an absence of comics, or Poopy-STYLE comics, until I have another video card in place. That's easier said than done though because, with the Cintiq I have three monitors and I'm unwilling to run one of my other monitors on a regular ol' PCI piece of gabage. So now it's a whole big "to-do". Wahnk Wahnk Waaaaahhh!


Now, I've got a laptop that's plenty powerful enough to produce the comics on; but, my stylus doesn't like the formatting which makes it exceedingly difficult to actually color effectively.

I have another computer but it's outdated and I'd have to dig it out of storage and crap.

Gotta love the world of "professional" web cartooning huh?



After doing some research and installing some brand new drivers (that I didn't know about)... my tablet is working effectively with the laptop's screen. So, I should be able to get some work done afterall.

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