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Comic for: October 31st, 2005
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World of Warcraft: "Airport Security"
Posted: Monday October 31st, 2005 by

This comic serves several purposes. One, as a BlizzCon wrapup. Two, as a Halloween Costume. Three, as a statement about airport security. And, Four, to say that one of the costumes from the BlizzCon Costume Contest freakin' rocked.


So, after the first days tribulations settled down, BlizzCon turned out to be a pretty fun event. And, I'm probably terribly biased, but the BEST hour Blizzard offered up during the entire event was DEFINATELY the Comic Panel with Penny Arcade, PVP and Myself. Everyone laughed... a LOT. And, genuinely seemed to enjoy themselves. I just hope folks there that had never heard of GU before manage to Google Search me or the comic, because there was NO url in the program. **shrugs and grins**


over 8 thousand people.

WoW future updates and expansion:
Blood Elves = Horde Race; Level cap raised to 70; Linked Auction Houses in every major city; weather engine; Caverns of Time will let you go back and experience famous moments in WarCraft Lore; Jewelcrafting profession; Epic Flying mounts; Travel through the Dark Portal; etc.

Starcraft Ghost:
Compatible for the XBox 360, but designed for XBox and PS2 release; Terran, Protoss, and Zerg Units all playable; up to 16 person multi-player.


I don't mind airport security. I think it's a grand thing. Make me feel more safe. But, my girlfriend walked through the metal detector and somehow her "absolutely no metal in them" shoes set off the thing. Was kind weird... our belts DIDN'T.


And yeah, some kid at BlizzCon wore a full Terran metal suit, complete with glowing lights and crap to the costume contest. I wish I'd gotten a picture of it. He won one of the Alienware computers for his efforts. It was a good thing too... cause by the end of the 87 person competition he looked downright uncomfortable.

And that suit inspired the comic. Of course, not answered by the comic is how Ted got the outfit there in the first place. But hey! It's a comic, I don't HAVE to explain everything! Right?

Today's Pimpage: I'm wearing a MP(3) shirt fromt Threadless.Com.

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