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Comic for: October 20th, 2005
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Gaming News: "The Position of Suck"
Posted: Thursday October 20th, 2005 by

Chris Morris, over at CNN previewed the Gizmondo handheld gaming system yesterday, and had this to say:
[quote=Chris Morris - Game Over @ CNN]Regardless of whether the Gizmondo's launch is in stores or online, it probably won't make a big difference. The system is sub-par. The games are barely worthy of mention. And the extra features just won't appeal to the gaming audience the company is targeting.[/quote]
You can read the rest of his review here: Link.

Well after reading Chris' article, "Tilting at windmills", I scrounged around the net for more information on the Gizmondo's release ideas. And what struck me again and again was the cost of the system. $229 is ridiculous by itself. But asking $399 for one that doesn't push ads at you, outrageous. Granted, at that price level, it does have GPS software in it; but that's not going to be enough to sell this system at a price $150 over what you'd spend on a PSP, which has most of the same features and at least has decent games you can play.

It really strikes me as humerous that the Gizmondo didn't learn the lessons taught by the N-Gage release. Hell they even went so far as to use the same basic Taco shape, just flipped vertically. Now, I may be wrong (and I'll openly admit it if proven incorrect), but I'm going to go ahead and predict that the Gizmondo is doomed to failure.

I know I know... I should be more cautious with my words when the thing hasn't even been released yet (Oct 22). But, hey, I live on the edge man! I'm pushing the limits! I'm a REBEL! **coughs** Okay, maybe I'm just a chucklehead who's seen this particular song and dance before. [ more info ]

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