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Comic for: October 18th, 2005
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Gaming News: "$10K Stick"
Posted: Tuesday October 18th, 2005 by

The lack of comics wherein I make fun of Jack Thompson shouldn't come as too much of a suprise. He's an attention whore and all the free press (even that spotlighting his stupidity) is more than he deserves.

But, lately, watching the fued between Jacko and the guys at Penny Arcade has made it incredibly difficult for me to keep my mouth shut. Yesterday, I lost the battle.

Recently, Jack Thompson, offered to donate ten thousand dollars in the name of the game developer that would make his "Modest Proposal" a reality. The "Modest Proposal" was an idea for a video game wherein a father cuts a murderous swath through the game industry (retailers and all) after his son is killed by a gamer.
Source: Joystiq [ more info ]

Well, when the Fighting Hellfish, a team of GTA modders, turned Jacko's idea into a real game, Thompson refused to pony up the promised charitable donation claiming he had been joking.
Source: Joystiq [ more info ]

Taking up Jack's pitiful slack, the guys at Penny Arcade donated ten thousand dollars to the Entertainment Software Association Foundation in Jack's name.
Source: Penny Arcade [ moreinfo ]

So, today you get a few things I swore I wouldn't do.
1. Do another comic that had anything to do with Jack Thompson.
2. Do a parody of another webcomic.

Hopefully the guys at PA won't mind too much.

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