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Comic for: October 5th, 2005
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Duke Nukem Forever: "Pigs Fly"
Posted: Wednesday October 5th, 2005 by

The rumors started making their way around yesterday that Duke Nukem Forever FINALLY had a release date. Source: SlashDot [more info]

Checking the Take2 and 3DRealms sites, I found no official news on the game's release other than 3D Realms saying what they've ALWAYS said, it's coming "when it's done".

Apparently, the entire rumor (this time) is predicated on an Amazon UK listing that sets a December 2nd ship date for the long awaited game.

MY "official" response? I think you get the picture.


Now, I won't be coy, or even attempt to beat around the bush here:

I don't care when/where/how this game gets released. It just seems to me that every few months another rumor pops up to stir the hopes of Duke Nukem fans just to slip through the cracks as the hype bottoms out again.

Sure I understand that the game has to improve it's graphics to make sure it keeps up with current games. But, do you see anyone else taking this long, dragging a game design project as relatively simple as a Duke Nukem rehash?

In the end I find the whole situation laughable. After such a LONG wait, the only way this game is going to impress the people that play it is if Duke Nukem becomes real and shoots badguys in your living room while simultaneously making you a sandwich.

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