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Comic for: September 22nd, 2005
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Darkwatch: "Brooding"
Posted: Thursday September 22nd, 2005 by

Sometimes, I swear game developers put random unassociated words in a hat, draw out a few, and base a game off of it. Darkwatch... prime example.

The idea is this...
You start the game as a train robber named Jericho Cross (sighs) in Arizona circa 1876. Well, long story short, Jerry picks the wrong train to rob and unleashes undead evil on the wild west. As an added parting gift, our man JC is turned into a vampire himself by the vampire lord, Lazarus (sighs again).

Now, campy plot aside, it's a competent shooter. I own it myself. The graphics are pretty nice, the missions are nicely varied, and there's location based damage! So, I definitely think it's worth a "rent". And hey, the game is short enough that you'll probably manage to get it back to Blockbuster before they ask you to buy it.

As for the comic, I figure a vampire cowboy probably has moments of stubborn, angsty petulance. But, give 'em some chocolate and a frappuccino and they'd probably be good to go.

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