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Comic for: August 18th, 2005
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EverQuest II: "Cheap Lipstick"
Posted: Thursday August 18th, 2005 by

SOE and Stuff Magazine announced the Winner of their "Quest for Antonia" contest yesterday. [ more info ] And, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to follow up ONE of Ted's cross-dressing incidents. Though, I'm certain Ted would take exception to having lost.

The winner, Anna Wainscoat, is a 21 year old California native that has never played the EQ2. She was referred to the contest by a friend of her boyfriend. And now she's "Antonia Bayle" with a $10K modeling contract.

**sighs** One of these days we're going to get a true gamer chick in there. Keep the faith folks! Until then...

Today's Pimpage: Ted is wearing the "You Sank my Battleship" t-shirt from Threadless.Com.

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