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Comic for: July 13th, 2005
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The Gamer Girls: "Flaming Irony"
Posted: Wednesday July 13th, 2005 by

There's all kind of real life connectivity wrapped up in this stunning example of squeezing way too much damn text in a panel just for the sake of making a SIMPLE point.

See, the "one page of discussion" vs. "six pages of flaming" is something I saw the other day after making a post on a large forum about "The Big Idiot". The first page and a couple of posts on the second page were relatively intelligent discussion. So, I posted my comments. I came back the next day, and there were four pages of the same three of four people pointlessly bashing each other.

I wanted to say something, but I've learned better in my years managing THESE forums, dismissed the thread, and haven't been back.

But, that split second of wanting to tell them all how stupid and childish they were being, registered as humorous to me, if for no better reason than the sheer irony of it. And I've seen it so many times from so many different KINDS of people.

So many people hold themselves above the flamers, criticizing their every post, never really seeing that they've done the EXACT same thing. In my book using "logic" to tell someone else they're stupid is still flaming. The best bet, is to let a flamer simmer in their own sauce. Don't give them the satisfaction of reducing you to their lesson.

The moral of today's write-up then, I guess is:
Let stupid people be stupid people all on their own. Don't be stupid with them.


Oh, and I used the Girl Gamers, cause there seems to be a LOT of requests for them in the survey results thus far.

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