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Comic for: June 20th, 2005
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Gaming News: "'Nuff Said?"
Posted: Monday June 20th, 2005 by

Alright, so usually I'm not that big on doing comics based on rumors.

But, when I got an email asking me to confirm this information:
[quote=Sraaz]"The upcoming Marvel MMORPG that Sigil is putting out (eventually) will lead to interesting fanboy arguments." - [ more info ][/quote]
I just couldn't pass up the image that came to mind.

I wasn't able to confirm the information by the way. **shrugs** But, I do know that with SOE's recent acquisition of the licensing rights to produce a DC based MMOG [ more info ], someone out there either already has the rights or are looking to attain the rights to produce a Marvel based MMOG title. With the success of NCSoft's City of Heroes AND the Spiderman and X-Men movies, how could they not?

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