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Comic for: June 16th, 2005
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World of Warcraft: "Gnome Epic Mounts"
Posted: Thursday June 16th, 2005 by

Well, talk about late!

No joke ideas were coming to to me last night, so I finally gave up and decided to just go to bed. While I was getting ready for bed, the joke finally came to me. By then though, my eyelids already felt like lead. So, I went on to bed and decided I'd get up early and get it done as quickly as possible.

So yeah, it came to me out of no where, and it was such a fantastically weird image, I knew I had to draw it.

The Gnome Epic mounts are actually robotic ostriches with more gizmos attached to them than the regular robotic ostriches. But, I think my way is better. I think we need to start a petition for Blizzard to change Gnome Epic mounts to Rascal Scooters today!

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