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Comic for: May 27th, 2005
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World of Warcraft: "Truesilver Love"
Posted: Friday May 27th, 2005 by

With some help of Ginke and Fia, I polished off the quest to attain the smithing distinction Armorsmith, and I had to give up almost my entire supply of Mithril, and ALL of my precious precious Truesilver.

Talking about my precious precious Truesilver, is where the comic came from. Weird things come out of obsessions I guess.

And sorry about the extremely late comic. My connectivity was gone all night long. So, I couldn't grab the necessary screenshots and obviously couldn't upload the comic if I had finished it. So, I dropped it all, and started again this morning.

**shrugs** That's the way it goes sometimes.

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