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Comic for: May 6th, 2005
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Gaming News: "Come BACK!"
Posted: Friday May 6th, 2005 by

I know it comes across as a dig, but today is all about the LOVE. I swear.

As mentioned in the comic, Shadowbane recently released a patch call "A Call to Arms". So, in conjunction with that release, Ubisoft reactivated all former accounts (in good standing) for 15 days. [ more info ]

Now, I've often said that my main job is to get people playing, and talking, about games. So, in an effort to direct people back to MMOGs that are currently being overshadowed by much larger animals in the industry, I ask that folks please share their favorite stories about games like Shadowbane and Horizons.

For this thread at least, please leave the negativity ELSE WHERE.

Here's to you smaller MMOG developers! Kudos!

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