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Comic for: April 29th, 2005
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Dance Dance Revolution: "Ow! My Pancreas!"
Posted: Friday April 29th, 2005 by

While I was looking for news to base a comic on, I saw a hardware review of a dance pad for the game Dance Dance Revolution. If you're not familiar with the game, basically, you stomp on pads as indicated symbols that appear on the screen in time with the beat. The game originated in the arcade halls where you could watch people fail miserably, or put on a "dancing" spectacle like none other.

But, as of a few years ago, the game has made its way to home consoles. And the hardware review I mentioned above is for the RedOctane Ignition Pad 3.0 with connectors for the PS2, the XBox, and an XBox to USB adapter that will let you connect the Dance pad to your computer.

At any rate, with my mouth still aching from my second dentist visit, I guess pain was on my mind. So, seeing the dance pad, the first image that flashed through my head was Ted trying to use the thing, getting all tangled up and spraining his eyeball or something equally ridiculous.

As far as Ted's job goes, Brad is the name of the manager for the local Rhino. But, that's more of an homage than saying Ted works at said Rhino. It would be the ideal job for Ted though I think.

Today's Pimpage: I'm wearing a Domo-Kun t-shirt from ThinkGeek.

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