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Comic for: April 27th, 2005
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Bad Day L.A.: "Oh ha hah."
Posted: Wednesday April 27th, 2005 by

Oh hooray... American McGee is back. **rolls his eyes**

And this time he brings with him a game that capitalized on the "fear culture" of the US by satirizing LA and the endless uspply of disaster films including zombies, terrorists, earthquakes, etc etc etc. [ more info ]

Now, I was going to make a comic about how the developers at Enlight had been working on a game called "1001 different ways to KILL American McGee", but had to change the title when Enlight hired the "controversial" "designer". But, since some of you whine anytime a "gaming news" comic is made, I decided to stick with using in-game "characters" to push out a joke. That in mind, I make NO apologies for this groaner.

Now, Gamespot professes that the game "will also sport a distinctive, cel-shaded visual style". But, unless that means "fairly poor excuse for graphics", I think they may be feeding us a line. The graphics, to me atleast, look like a good cartoon that has had every piece of the film in the animation sequence beaten with a bat, crumpled, and soaked in an airport urinal. But, I tend to be pretty picky/biased/mean when it comes to these things.

But hey, maybe these are preliminary graphics that will change before the game goes gold.

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