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Comic for: February 18th, 2005
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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: "Nuns and Puppies"
Posted: Friday February 18th, 2005 by

I know Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has been out for a while. But, in the last two weeks I've had this urge to do a comic, any comic, about it. This is most likely due to the fact that it had been at the top of Gamespot's Most popular list for a while and I felt like I was neglecting a game just because of my personal biases.

I've spoken before about my aversion to extremely violent games that glorify crime rather than law. But, I'm also quick to admit that I really enjoyed watching people play the game. The very things that keep me from buying it myself are the things that made me giggle with sick glee.

I'm a slightly different person now. Playing more console games has dropped my anti-violence bent. I just look at it now as a matter of choice. I've always enjoyed the splatter shots an an action shooter. It was just the level of realism that threw me off. "People are not zombies" was my mindset, ironically enough.

But, what brought me to finally give in and do a GTA comic though was a news story I read on Gamespot this past Wednesday. A lawsuit has been filed claiming that GTA was responsible for an act of severe violence which began with a car theft and ended with 3 dead police officers. Admittedly the kid responsible was warped and was blaming his acts on GTA, claiming "Life is a game". But, that blame is completely misplaced. It's a ploy. A publicity stunt trying to redirect the responsibility. I've seen perfectly good kids play those exact same games, as violently as they could possibly play them, that wouldn't hurt a fly (figuratively speaking). - Gamespot [ more info ]

At any rate, I won't be getting too deep into the subject of violence in video games in this writeup. I'm planning to do a minor exposť on the issue as soon as possible.

Now, The comic was meant to be satirical, poking fun at the level of violence, I didn't mean to turn the writeup into more than that. The whole subject is just a perrenial hot topic. And I'm certain that even had I held my tongue this thread would end up addressing some of more contrasted view points of the "argument".

That being said, I'm going to state very clearly, up front, that this thread will stay on topic, and will be very closely monitored. The slightest slip of the easy ways will result in post removals. I'd like this topic to stay as adult and mature as possible. If you don't feel you can comply, please stay out of the thread. Thanks.

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