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Comic for: January 31st, 2005
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World of Warcraft: "That's some pickpocket!"
Posted: Monday January 31st, 2005 by

Oroku announced to the guild a few nights back that he had just successfully pickpocketed Garrick Padfoot. And the loot he got? Garrick's head!

This is one of those odd game quirks that has been around almost as long MMOGs. The issue arises because every item on the loot table associated with each mob becomes a pickpocket-able target. Beyond the obvious, the truly humorous part has to be that they continue to stand there... head perfectly intact.

Which, to me seems to run completely counter to another one of my favorite game anomolies: trying to get a mob to drop an item that should be there every time, like say... their skulls, teeth, hooves, etc.

At any rate, I liked the idea of throwing a wrench in the works and making the art match the deed while maintaining the seemingly oblivious nature of the mob.

I wanted to trim down the text to leave out the Defias Thug's second word bubble. But, I had to leave it in to partially explain the comic to those that don't click through to read the writeup. **shrugs** The sacrifices we make for humor? Huh?

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