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Comic for: January 12th, 2005
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Woody & Ted: "The Apple Mac Mini"
Posted: Wednesday January 12th, 2005 by

I was making my "news" rounds last night (1/11) and noticed a link to something called the Apple: Mac Mini in the Evening Tech Bits at Blues News. I dismissed it and kept reading. But, then when I got to [H]ard|OCP I saw another news blurb about it. When I got around to PvP Online, Scott had some text on the thing too. My curiosity piqued by repetition, I started digging up info.

Well, what I found out was that Apple is releasing a micro computer on the 22nd of this month called the Mac Mini. It's not overly powerful compared to current computing standards, but it's the about the size of a 2 inch tall CD crystal (6.5"x6.5"x2"). Now, I haven't used a MAC since college; but, I immediately started lusting after this thing. I'm not going to say that at $500 it's a steal; but, I can say that the cost is worth it to me. Needless to say... I want one pretty bad. Then again, I want an iPod too, but my pockets seem to be a tad too empty for all that.

So, anyway, I knew I had to do a comic about it. And, I started thinking back to the comic about the PS2 redesign. Playing on that overexagerated size idea, I figured it would be funny if Ted somehow managed to lose them both, and had to go on a search for them a la "Honey I Shrunk the Kids".

And, since I KNOW it'll happen if I don't say something...
I DO NOT want to see any PC vs. Mac comments in this thread.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go ogle the Mac Mini for a bit longer.

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