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Comic for: January 3rd, 2005
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Woody & Ted: "The TRUTH"
Posted: Monday January 3rd, 2005 by

I think, in many ways, this strip has been a long time coming.

I can't tell you how many times a week I STILL see people referring to the comic as "/gu". And, it drives me NUTS! Especially when it's on THESE boards. I mean... the GUComics graphic is right there at the top of the page. At any rate, the /gu was abandonned back on February 7th, 2003.

For the curious among you, the reason is simple. That's when I decided GU would expand to encompass new games and new platforms. The slash is a relic of the MMOG days. And GU has progressed beyond that. So, now that it's been almost TWO YEARS since I changed it; I'd kinda like people to know.

The next issue is with Ted. It still suprises me that, after having stated it clearly dozens of times, people STILL post "Ted isn't real?" everytime I say it. So, there it is in the comic all spelled out clearly.

As for me being a machine, well, I think that's just ED's way of playing on our human fears to try to get you all to kill me. And just for the sake of ambiguity I've decided to toss "Ted" right into the mix in the comic. That's intentional. Seems it's to be JUST that easy to confuse people into thinking Ted exists.

The last thing I'd like to address here is the evil cat. I'd say about 20 people have emailed me to let me know how completely unoriginal an evil cat bent on world domination in a webcomic is. Well that may be true, but ED exists. And she looks at me every day as if she'd just as soon have me stuffed and bronzed as a trophy of her impending conquests as she would tolerate me scritching her ear. Her natural curiosity seems to focus on electronics though hence my belief that she's just trying to figure out how to turn them into weapons of mass destruction.

I'd never try to claim it as an original idea. And the real truth is that it's as much a farce as it is an avenue for comedy. She's there, in part, to poke fun at every other comic that uses the evil cat scenario. **shrugs** I never claimed to be high brow.

So there you have it. Me starting off the year trying to set things straight AND at the same time let you guys fantasize about my demise. Cool huh?

Don't answer that.

(And please... don't say "Ted isn't real?" I feel I've sufficiently answered that question.)

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