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Comic for: December 24th, 2004
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Happy Holidays: "Christmas '04"
Posted: Friday December 24th, 2004 by

Happy Holidays folks. I hope the season treats you well.

Now, I'm not one to really celebrate the Holiday's myself. Any of them. I prefer to give random gifts all year long, regardless of the date on the calendar. That being said though, this year is special. This year I played "Santa" for my sisters kids. It's been a rough few months for them, and this was my chance to make it all a little brighter.

And, with any luck, the gifts I got my girlfriend will be well received as well. Though, she claimed not to need any christmas presents (see above comment about giving gifts all year 'round).

Anywho, with me being "Santa" and a gamer. It set me thinking what would happen if Santa WAS a gamer. And the way I see it... if Santa was a gamer, Christmas would be late.

And for those of you that are curious, under his beard, Santa's shirt reads:
"My other Car is a Reindeer!"

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